By purchasing any cosmetic bag, wash bag or apron, you are not only supporting the charity as a whole; you are also supporting one of our former students, Mariam.

Mariam, who lives in Nakaloke, Uganda, runs a successful tailoring business. She is a member of a small women’s group where skills and resources are shared and there is a group savings fund. Every six months one of the women is given the money from this fund to put towards a project she wants to pursue, which is how Mariam started. As the project becomes successful the recipient of the fund pays the money back into the pot and the next woman has a turn. It is a brilliant way for the women to support each other and has been very successful. Thanks to Born to be Beautiful, Mariam has acquired the skills to perform manicures and pedicures, thus increasing her client base significantly. With her inherent business acumen Mariam realised early on that if she makes herself one dress that is stylish and perfectly fitted, and presents herself to her customers smartly dressed, with polished, manicured nails they will want to follow suit, and she is an advertisement for her own business.

Through her tailoring business Mariam supplies Born to be Beautiful with cosmetic bags that display the distinctive butterfly logo. The cosmetic bag is named after Mariam’s daughter, Harriet. As they have been so successful director Sarah Glover requested that Mariam make larger wash bags which will extend the range of Born to be Beautiful merchandise. The wash bags are called Mariam bags. Born to be Beautiful is proud to support Mariam’s business by selling her work in the UK. Mariam is also an inspiration, and a source of encouragement and support to other students in Uganda.