Born to be Beautiful teaches vocational beauty skills to women whose lives have been devastated by exploitation, lack of education, social injustice, abject poverty or war.  Our goal is to not only restore dignity and hope to their lives but to provide a way of escape from generational poverty.

We work in Uganda and India. Our training courses are taught in large cities and towns, this ensures all our students are in a non-competitive environment and can access work and support each other’s ventures. Our training programs are comprehensive, and our qualifying students can implement their newfound skills and knowledge straight away.  A starter kit, uniform and certificate is given to every student upon qualification and is sufficient to complete a minimum of 30 treatments. This starter kit enables each woman to begin earning money immediately and to rebuild their lives on their own terms.

In our courses, we offer an introduction to business, basic accounting and five-star client service training which combine together to ensure our women can join the workforce or set up their own businesses right away. We provide continued support to our students once they have trained by extending access to further training in beauty skills, business, marketing and finance management and often partner with local professionals to teach and share regional knowledge and provide vital connections for our alumni.

Students Taught

Together with the support of our local partner charity, we help each woman find work, continue onto further education or set up their own business. Many of our class groups have set up peer support groups, We stay connected to our alumni and respond to requests for further training courses and to ensure the women can continue to develop their skills and stay relevant within their own marketplaces.