Born to be Beautiful distinguish itself for being a non-profit organisation. We give happily part of our time freely for the benefit of others, and not for our financial gain. Charity trustees are however entitled to have their expenses met from the funds of the charity. Such expenses can include travel, other cost of attending meetings and travelling on trustee business, and we do so if necessary. In this matter, we work according to the Charities Act 2011. We will reimburse the next expenses:

    • Travel: When attending meetings and travelling on trustee business.
    • International Telephone calls: Related to charity activities.
  • Overnight accommodation and subsistence outside of the place of residence: When staying overnight away from home is necessary for the accomplishments of any of these charity activities.

To obtain a reimbursement Trustees must always keep justified proof of their ¨covered expenses¨ by keeping a copy of as much detailed documentation as possible of their expenses for example receipts, bills, tickets etc.

    • Any claim for reimbursement without endorsed proof will be automatically denied.
  • Any expense claim should be made within 2 months of expenses being incurred.

Procedure to claim an expense:

    • Trustees should submit the claim by email to the Charity’s Treasurer providing details of the expense and the activity to which it is related.
  • Claimants should also attach a copy of all receipts, bills, tickets or any other proof that justifies the expense; keeping the original ones which may be required for accounting and legal reasons by the Charity`s Treasurer.

The procedure of payment: Once the claim has been received and validated, reimbursements will be made within 30 business days.