I am currently studying for my master’s degree in International Development with Conflict and Humanitarian Action at the University of Bath. My masters have given me an in-depth understanding of the theories and concepts that underpin humanitarian and charitable organisations and my work here at Born to be Beautiful has complemented these skills with hands-on experience! I am passionate about achieving gender equality, saving the environment and creating a world where everyone has a chance to pursue a life that they value.
When I am not studying I enjoy running, baking and cocktail making! I am also a very enthusiastic, but largely unsuccessful, pub quizzer!


Hello, I am Dominika! I am a Head of Marketing at Born to be Beautiful. My background includes consumer psychology knowledge, social media marketing and general psychology. At Born to be Beautiful I can use my theoretical knowledge on real-life projects which is helping me learn more and grow as a person, at the same time benefiting the charity! I love what I do and I wish there would be more people involved in this fantastic charity with vision. Having this opportunity to be involved in projects, is giving me a head start in my future career. I am surrounded by incredible and passionate people who want to make a difference, and I am very happy to be a part of this B2bB family.


I’ve been a software developer for 4 years and found Born to be Beautiful whilst searching for charities in need of volunteer web developers. I joined with the task of building a new website and online shop, which has been (and continues to be) a rewarding experience. There are some wonderful people working within this charity and I’ve learnt a lot from them since I started. I hope to see our hard work pay off and make a real difference to the lives we are trying to help.



Jen Fisher, MS

Based in Brooklyn, NY, USA Jen is currently a 3rd year PhD candidate in International Psychology at The
Chicago School of Professional Psychology, specializing in organizations and systems.
Jen’s experience and expertise is in community-based programming, crisis services and advocacy,
human rights advocacy and policy, international development, disability justice, Applied Behavior
Analysis (ABA), education, disability services and programming, diversity and inclusion, cross-cultural
training and culturally responsive knowledge and skills sharing, partnership development for
international NGOs, cross-cultural and cultural psychology, and organizational leadership and change
Jen has worked internationally, in Kenya, China, Indonesia, and India and her forthcoming research is
focused on program development and implementation, rights-based inclusion, education, and
international policy.

Nathan Ball

Volunteering at Born To Be Beautiful has offered me a valuable experience that have not only felt rewarding but have also helped me to stand out in applications and interviews from the activities I have participated in. It has also helped me understand myself better as a person while participating in a rewarding and open community which I have enjoyed throughout my time.