Testimonials from some of our current volunteers

I came across BTBB a few months ago when I was looking for volunteering opportunities locally. It was at a time when I was seeking other ways to fill my time besides job hunting. I am so grateful to have found the charity and got involved, as it has been refreshing to have a project to work on that will always feel productive. It’s my first volunteering role and experiencing the third sector for the first time is also welcome and refreshing.

I am particularly interested in BTBB because of its focus on helping women, which instantly made it feel relevant. My main role so far has been to work on the new website. I am really enjoying the creative nature of what I am doing, for example selecting photos for the new website and photographing merchandise, because I love photography. It’s also fun to be working on a project with other people and Sarah’s support, enthusiasm and genuine interest in my well-being is incredibly appreciated. I really look forward to seeing and sharing the new website when it’s complete! I would really recommend getting involved if you are looking for something to complement your current position that gives you a sense of purpose. Volunteering also enables you to develop and gain new skills and to meet new people, even if this is all virtually at the moment!

Hattie , October 2020