Fundraising  Campaign

 Raise funds by hosting a Girls’/Guys’ Night In

We are asking our Born to be Beautiful supporters to host a Girls’/Guys’ Night In one afternoon or evening this Autumn/Winter for up to 10 people,  in celebration of the charity’s  10th anniversary.  Help us raise £5,000 in donations via a fundraising pages asking each of your gal/guy pals to donate a minimum of £10 to attend. Your Girls’/Guys’ Night In fundraiser will help us to fund future self-sustaining programmes to ensure the women in Uganda can still thrive whilst they are getting back onto their feet after a series of Lockdowns where they have been unable to work. Set up your fundraising page today and join us in our mission to continue to support the girls in Uganda. CLICK THE IMAGES BELOW FOR LINKS TO FUNDRAISING PAGES AND CAMBRIDGE 105 LOGO TO HEAR THE PODCAST